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Frogger’s Lake and Pond Restoration, LLC

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  • Control Assessments
    Weed Removal & Aquatic Vegetation Control Assessments The factors used to create your personalized treatment plan may include the following, which we determine at the time of our aquatic survey: Types of weeds and algae in the body of water Severity of any weeds and algae Any beneficial plants that may be present The size and depth of the waterway Water clarity and color Water flow Water source (springs, runoff, impoundment) Any present fish or wildlife Restoring aquatic ecosystems will offer an environment for fish and other aquatic wildlife to flourish without the use of chemicals, herbicides, dyes or other toxins that water and wildlife can absorb and become immune to.
  • Focus Areas
    Aquatic Vegetation Management Focus Areas Remove water lilies, duckweed, milfoil, hydrilla or other invasive aquatic weeds and restore your waterway the eco-friendly way! The importance of a healthy aquatic ecosystem Milfoil information Water lilies overgrowth Muskrat/rodent problems Dead fish Herbicides and Chemicals in herbicides Toxins Dyes Problems with dyes Saturation Algae Dissolved oxygen Decaying material
  • Service Area
    Need qualified professionals to help you keep your Michigan lakes and ponds in pristine condition? Take control of your waterways and let Frogger’s remove out of control vegetation with our environmentally safe aquatic Weedoo® boat. We’ll get the job done right the first time and rid your channel, lake or pond of invasive weeds, water lilies, debris, rock and decay the Frogger’s way! Call us at 517-398-0404 Email us at Follow us on Facebook @froggerspond Frogger’s proudly uses the Weedoo® boat with deep aquatic cutting and scooped removal for vegetation control and Weedoo® accessories for root system and sediment elimination!
  • About Us
    Our Mission Frogger's wants to offer environmentally safe and effective options to rid ponds of invasive water weeds that can kill off wildlife, create dirty waterways and deplete lakes and ponds of needed oxygen and plankton. ​ Our Philosophy Frogger's is a woman owned business with an empowering message to men and women everywhere that you can do anything they want! You can raise a family but at the same time, work towards improving our environment for the next generation. You can run heavy equipment, sit at a computer, take care of the people in your life – whatever you want to do. But do it with passion, strength and love. Oh, and get your hands dirty from time to time!

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Frogger's Lake & Pond Restoration, LLC 

Located in Osseo, MI


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